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Bike trip Arendal - Eydehavn - Buøya

This trip follows the coastline northwards, passing through the old industrial community of Eydehavn before ending at the scenic island of Buøya.

Arendal-Eydehavn-Buøya, 10,5 (max 13,5) km one way

Ride your bike from Arendal out Langbrygga and Tollbodkaia to Barbu. From the roundabout in Barbu, there is a foot- and bicycle path on the right side of classified road no. 410 east towards Eydehavn. At Fluet, the path is on the right side of the tunnel, take to the right before the underpass and follow the bicycle path east to Krøgenes. Before the roundabout (409 Tromøy), cross the street, and continue on 410 towards Eydehavn. The path continues all the way to Neskil bridge. On the way you pass Dyvika, Saltrødtjern and Stokken church.

Further on road No. 410 the bicycle path ends at Neskil bridge. Cross the street just before the bridge, and follow the signs to Eydehavn, use the footpath on the left side up Nesgata. Along this street, you see the old workmen's houses built around 1913, in connection with the industrial development in Eydehavn at the time. Learn more about this by taking a detour to Eydehavn Museet (museum), to the left in the middle of Nesgata (signboard).

To Buøya (3 km extra), follow the footpath along the main road to Eydehavn fire station, take left in the crossing, and follow signs to Buøya. On your way, you pass the old school at Eydehavn; continue past the crossing to Heggedalen and go straight towards Buøya. Here there is a bicycle path on the right side. The path ends just at the narrow bridge leading to the island Buøya. On the way east on the island, there are several bathing place. At the end of the road, it's possible to continue by foot on the path leading to Skarsholmen, where there are several adapted recreational areas with bathing places

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Bike trip Arendal - Eydehavn - Buøya

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