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Topp 11 - Golsfjellet

Top 11 - hiking program for the whole family “Top 11” - is a hiking program for everybody. All trails are marked so that it will be easy to find your way. Syningen 1031 masl. Langhøvda 1089 masl. Gullknapp 1092 masl.Veslefjell 1126 masl. Storefjelltoppen 1149 masl. Skjenhøvda 1060 masl. Ørterhøvda 1117 masl. Gurisethøvda 1050 masl. Auenhaugen 1119 masl. Syno 1067 masl. Nystølvarden 1296 masl. If you click on the tops name, you will find describtion of the tour, free map and sign system in the terrain. Download map. Registration of the tops: Each top has its own code. If you register all the tops, you will have the chance to win prizes. Possible registration:  Mark number e.g. SF2945 (Number can be found on the back of the sign) on the participant-card, and deliver the card to Gol Tourist Office, Storefjell Resort Hotel or Oset Høyfjellshotell. You get brochure with map and participant-card at the tourist office or the overnight accommodation businesses. More information at www.golinfo.no Please report errors and deficiency to gol@golinfo.no

Last updated: 06/06/2023

Source: Hallingdal Reiseliv

Topp 11 - Golsfjellet

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