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Bakgården Bar

The region's leading cocktail bar with a team of world class bartenders.

Experience Bakgården Bar - Now on the Square in Kristiansand! Welcome to Bakgården Bar, in the heart of Kristiansand! We've moved to the Square and are proud to present a completely new experience for you. Bakgården Bar is not just a place; it's a journey - recently renovated and stylish to the fingertips.

Dine your way through the day: Start your day with our tasty lunch dishes and explore our selection of hearty options for a delightful afternoon. Our delicate menu is designed to satisfy even the most discerning palates, and more and more people are finding their favorites with us.

Quality coffee at its best: Take a break and enjoy a cup of delightful coffee from our new barista machine. Whether you prefer it pure and simple or with exciting flavors, we have what you need to make your day even better.

Create magic in the evening: As the sun sets over the Square, we transform the atmosphere. The lights dim, the music gently increases in volume - all to create the perfect mood. Relax and enjoy the evening with us, where every moment becomes a memorable experience.

In our extensive drink menu, you'll always find something to your liking, and you'll notice that the differences blur at Bakgården - the drinks are just as good with or without alcohol. Bakgården has always been at the forefront of innovative trends and boasts top rankings in both national and international competitions. Notable mentions include three Norwegian championships and one world championship from Bakgården, along with numerous other impressive placements!

In addition to its international bar concept, Bakgården also offers various types of courses, including in whisky, aquavit, gin, cocktails, and many more. Here, we have about 60 different gins and many delicious mixers to indulge in, as well as 1100 different varieties of other drinks.

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Bakgården Bar

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