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Lovund Hotell


There are many beautiful islands along Kystriksveien. One of the most distinctive and exciting is Lovund and Lovund Hotel is also located here. If you travel here, you will experience a unique island community with a lot of prosperity, while also having closeness to nature, the mountains, the shore and the bird life. Stay and eat well at Lovund Hotell with a view many can only dream of.

Society & nature

Lovund is one of Norway's most viable island communities with a beautiful location on the far end of the Helgeland coast.

If you are on the island, it is within walking distance to good and varied hiking opportunities, from the summit hike to Lovundfjellet (625 m.a.s.l.),

evening trip to Lundefuglene, barbecue huts and many other trips on foot.

The community is colored by its 50 years of growth, so here you will find newer and older buildings, well-kept gardens and a service offer well above expectations on an island with approx. 500 inhabitants.

Hotel rooms & Rorbuer
Whether you visit Lovund to climb Lovund mountain or for the culinary experiences,

Alone or together with your loved ones, Lovund Hotell has hotel rooms and cabins for every taste.

Hotel breakfast is of course included, regardless of whether you stay in a room or rorbu.

SYN is the hotel's room department with the best view that can be offered.
The rorburooms are small hotel rooms in rorbuers and are located at the very bottom by the sea.
Rorbuene is also located by the sea, but is also equipped with a small kitchen.

Contact the hotel directly at if you want alternatives for larger groups or families.

Restaurant & Bar

Lovund hotel is not just a hotel, but also a place for good food experiences.

The most delicious seafood is served here with ingredients from local fishermen, growers and enthusiasts.

Sit back and let our skilled staff take care of you, who do their utmost to give you the good Lovund experience.

Here you can eat small or large meals with a focus on fish, seafood and good wines.

Menus and concepts vary in line with the seasons of the year, but common to all of them is our love for the sea and good flavours.

Read more about current concepts at

Blikksalen is our beautiful new large living room that is suitable for the really big, but also smaller occasions in life.

Are you planning a wedding or anniversary? Then Blikksalen is a perfect choice with its magnificent view and lovely atmosphere.

Otherwise at Lovund

If you visit Lovund, it's not just nature and the hotel that can tempt you with good experiences.

Once you are on the island, a visit to the Coastal Culture Center (only open in the summer season),

Emaus Pub & Spiseri and the coffee roaster The Coast be part of the checklist.

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Lovund Hotell


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