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Cycling tour; Sanden Såre, Valle

6,3 km long trip to the campervan parking at "Sanden Såre".

From Valle senrrum take the pedestrian and bicycle track to the north along the main road Rv. 9, to the picnic and swimming spot Honnevje. Follow Rv. 9 to the Røysland exit, then the side road through the hamlet of Dale with its traditional old buildings and gallery at Systog Dale. Continue to Løyland and Røysland, where you take right and follow a forest path to the suspension bridge crossing the river Otra. Turn left onto Rv. 9 (northerly direction), then take the first road on the left. Follow this gravel road through the campervan parking at Sanden Såre. Join the Rv. 9 again in the direction of Valle.

If you want to extend your trip, you may follow the hiking trail to the waterfall Gloppefoss on the left-hand side of the road. 
Continue to Flateland, where you may follow the forest path along the river and enter Rv. 9 south of this 
village. Further south you turn left at Homme, from where you follow the road back to Valle.

The trip is not suitable for young children.

Fuente: Setesdal


Cycling tour; Sanden Såre, Valle

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