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Bien Basar


Bien basar is a classic Norwegian and continental restaurant located in one of the city's most iconic buildings, Kjøttbasaren.

Bien Basar is located in Kjøttbasaren, in the middle of the historic center of Bergen. The restaurant serves classic dishes based on local ingredients.

Our vision is to present the best of Western Norwegian ingredients in a classic way. The menu consists of dishes such as; Beef tartar, duck confit, turbot with butter sauce, shellfish platter, shrimp sandwiches, Wiener schnitzel, Løyrom, beef, Bergen cod, etc. The wine list is also characterized by classic wines, in addition to local cider, and beer. You can sit at your own tables, or eat in the large bar around the kitchen, where you can watch the chefs work.

The atmosphere gives associations to the continental restaurants, and the food markets. The great feeling of space and the arches under the roof give a unique atmosphere in Bergen.

From Monday to Thursday, you can enjoy the day's classic home-cooked traditional meal such as "plukkfisk", "kjøttkaker", "sosekjøtt" and "raspeballer" for only NOK 250

Welcome to Bergen's large living room in the restaurant house Kjøttbasaren, the city's basaar, or Bien's basar if you want.

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Bien Basar


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