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Caravan parking in Måløy

You will find motorhome parking in the city center of Måløy. A great base for exciting experiences.

In the center of Måløy you will find motorhome parking. The parking has good facilities such as a sanitary building with shower, washing machine and dryer. You will also have access to water and electricity. There is also a playground for kids nearby. 

Vågsøy is filled with small idyllic places where you can enjoy and relax. Be charmed by Måløy´s streets, explore the street art in the city center and hear exciting stories from the war at Måløy raid center. Enjoy lazy days on one of Norway´s most beautiful beaches, Refviksanden, or visit one of the many lighthouses around the island. Be fascinated by the special shaped stone, Kannesteinen, or explore the many hiking opportunities in Måløy. A trip to Dagsturhytta is suitable for the whole family. 

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Caravan parking in Måløy

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