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Caving at Mokk Farm

Innherred's most exciting nature experience!
- underground

At Mokk Gård you can feel the adrenaline pumping and challenge yourself as you climb and explore the underground limestone caves wearing wetsuits and headlamps.

Stalactites hang from the ceiling and the brook rumbles at the bottom. Above you are meters of mountains and the feeling you are left with is intense, this is simply one of the wildest things Innherred has to offer, but at the same time completely safe and exciting for the whole family. Cave hiking as part of this year's family vacation can really be recommended.

2 caves - 2 different experiences
After an introduction to the caves' exciting, natural wealth and challenges, you head under ground where the daylight will soon disappear. In jettegryte (pothole) cave we follow a creek two hundred meters into the ground, where you experience stalactites, potholes and fantastic colours and shapes amongst other things. Once out, the trip continues to the next cave.

Here you go into the river and further into a cave, either from the top or the bottom of the cave. Inside this cave, The Great Gaulstad Cave, there is a large mountain hall. In the pitch darkness you can hear the 17 meter high waterfall rumbling down into the underground lake inside the cave. After visiting the two caves, the bravest can throw themselves into the water and swim in the beautiful canyon above the cave.

Half day guided cave tour
Price 2022: NOK 735 per person
Minimum price per tour: NOK 3675 (NB! min. group price is only applicable outside of advertised tours)
Max 8 persons
Minimum age: 9-10 years - depending of size and motor skills of the child.
The price includes: Guide, rental of equipment and light refreshments
Wear long-sleeved wool jumper and running shoes / hiking shoes. Bring a change of clothes for after the cave tour.

Dinner and accommodation at Mokk farm can also be booked if desired.

The tour can be booked at Visit Innerred, tel no: 74 40 17 16,
e-mail: post@visitinnherred.com

Mokk Farm is a traditional mountain farm, situated in scenic surroundings just below the bare mountains and at the border of Blåfella - Skjækerfjella National Park.

Last updated: 03/13/2023

Source: Innherred Reiseliv

Caving at Mokk Farm

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