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City Sauna & Cruise

Welcome to City Sauna: Where relaxation meets adventure! Set sail on a Sauna Cruise, and reacharge your batteries while soaking up the stunning views of the city.

At City Sauna, we've combined the best of both worlds - the blissful tranquility of a sauna and the thrill of a cruise - to create an experience that's simply magical.

The Sauna Cruise Experience 

Step aboard our luxurious cruise and immerse yourself in pure relaxation. Feel the warmth of our state-of-the-art sauna as you sail through picturesque waters, treating your senses to a mesmerizing journey.


- Sail in style and comfort. Breathtaking views from every angle.
- Embrace total relaxation in our modern saunas.
- Escape the everyday hustle and bustle and create lasting memories with loved ones.

Why Choose City Sauna?

1. Unforgettable Moments: We promise memories that will linger long after your journey with us. 
2. Soothing Luxury: Our saunas offer a haven of peace, tranquility, and pampering. 
3. Explore the Scenic Beauty: Cruise along captivating landscapes and cityscapes.


Sauna cruise:
Sauna cruise for 3-4 people: NOK 3600
Sauna cruise for 5-6 people: NOK 4200
Sauna Cruise for 7-8 people: NOK 4900
Sauna Cruise for 9-10 people: NOK 5600
Sauna Cruise for 11-12 people: NOK 6200

Rental a towel: NOK 50 per piece
Rent a b​​​​athrobe: NOK 100 per piece

Ready to embark on an enchanting escape? Discover the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure with City Sauna's Sauna Cruise.

All bookings must be done online in advance.

Lounge room and parking available.

Important informasjon: 

Sauna Cruise is weather dependent, especially during wintertime. We will notify you 2 to 3 days in advance of your booking if it has to be postponed due to weather conditions.

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City Sauna & Cruise

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