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Finnskogleden trail north

Finnskogleden is a 240 km long hiking trail which stretches in the south from Morokulien in Eidskog to Søre Osen in Trysil community.

By following the Finnskogleden trail, stretching 240 km through Finnskogen, you will get to know more about the Finnish immigrants who settled in the forest in the 1600s, and at the same time enjoy a walk through beautiful, unspoiled woodland.

There are places to sleep over, so if you want to, you can walk the whole distance in one summer. 

Importan information
It is important that you have some knowledge about the trail before you start walking, so check out the website, or contact Morokulien Touristcenter


Last updated: 01/10/2023

Source: Visit Innlandet

Finnskogleden trail north

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