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Guided trip to copper mines at Mokk Farm

Embark on a Guided and Thrilling Journey into 18th-century Copper Mines at Mokk Farm

As you join this captivating expedition, our knowledgeable hosts will transport you back in time, unraveling the captivating history of these ancient mines. Upon reaching the mines, you'll be treated to a breathtaking panorama, offering views of Steinkjer, Verdal, and the pristine wilderness of the Blåfjella - Skjækerfjella National Park.

Starting from the farm, we trace the very path that miners trod three centuries ago. Along the way, you'll gain invaluable insights into the toils and tribulations of that era and learn about the intricate techniques employed in mining. The journey encompasses a gradual ascent of 2 kilometers, leading us to the heart of the mountain where the mines are nestled. Before venturing into one of the mine entrances, we pause for a brief refreshment break. Armed with flashlights, we venture into the depths of the mine shafts, untouched since the days of mining. These tunnels bear witness to the labor-intensive efforts of the miners, with vivid traces of their handiwork etched into the walls. Here, you'll also witness the mesmerizing play of colors in the oxidized copper.

After savoring the breathtaking vistas from the mine entrance, our descent leads us back to the farm, concluding our unforgettable journey.

Guided Mine Tour:
Price: Starting from NOK 200 per person
Minimum Price per Tour: NOK 2500
Duration: Approximately 2-3 hours
Inclusions: Knowledgeable guide, necessary equipment, and light refreshments

To book your immersive mine experience, please contact Visit Innherred at Tel No: 74 40 17 16 or via email at

Nestled in the scenic landscape just beneath the rugged mountains and bordering the Blåfella - Skjækerfjella National Park, Mokk Farm in Steinkjer stands as a testament to traditional mountain farming.

Fuente: Innherred Reiseliv


Guided trip to copper mines at Mokk Farm

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