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Høyt & Lavt Sirdal Climbing Park


This climbing park is fun for the whole family and all your friends. We guarantee a great success!

They have a total of 7 courses, 58 elements, and 7 zip-lines, the longest one is over 200 metres! They use the same colour grading system as most ski resorts. They are in order from the easiest to the most challenging, orange, light green, dark green, blue and red.

The different levels have the following height restrictions:

Orange: >80 cm

Green: between 110 cm – 140 cm

Blue and red: >140 cm.

The climbing park is located next to the apartments and the restaurant. You will also find a beach, trampoline and water park here, along with canoe and SUP rental. Tickets must be purchased online in advance through their web page. It’s recommended to buy the tickets as early as possible so that you can enjoy a day in our climbing park.

Last updated: 03/19/2024

Source: Region Stavanger

Høyt & Lavt Sirdal Climbing Park


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