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Himmelhøy Tree Top Cabin


Himmelhøy offers accommodation in tree top cabin. Stay overnight in a comfortable cabin in the canopy, relax in nature and get a wonderful experience with a tree top view.  


Tree top cabin with one bedroom (double bed) and a loft that sleeps 4 people. Price includes made beds for the number of people it is booked for. There is a fully equipped kitchen with a gas burner stove and water. 

The following is included in the price:

- Made beds for the number of guests you book for 
- Electricity (12v) and gas use. 
- Wood for the woodburning fireplace and campfire pan.
- Candles 
- Toilet paper, paper towels for the kitchen, dishwashing liquid, cloths for cleaning.
- Canoe, lifejackets, paddles (in summer)
- Birdseeds

Last updated: 03/28/2023

Source: Visit Namdalen

Himmelhøy Tree Top Cabin


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