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Moose safari - Vesterålen Tours

We drive private guided tours in Vesterålen after the moose all year. As the largest and heaviest species in the deer family, the moose is an animal encounter to remember. Each season is different as we have described below.

Autumn Rut season! Chances to see the biggest bulls with fully grown antlers in autumn colors and beautiful landscape. If we’re lucky we find bulls fighting or chasing after cows.

At this time of year the main tours start early in the morning or evening. As the light always changes here in the north the start up times also change the later into autumn we get.

We highly recommend the 4 hour tours or more as we go to the area with the biggest bulls. If you just want to see a moose, 3 hours are perfect.

Don't get fooled by some rain.

Winter In the winter we have the tours at daytime or at night under the northern lights. The moose blend perfectly into the snowy landscape. In early winter the bulls still have their antlers.

We recommend combining moose safari with a northern lights chase this time of year. The guide got gear to film you and the moose under the northern lights that you will get after the tour. Winter is also the best time of year to look for moose during the day. Moose in the winter wonderland landscape is a great experience.

Spring The time of year when all animals start to move around and all migrating birds are returning. Moose are more active and move from winter grounds to summer grounds. At this time it's not unusual to find moose swimming or in more uncommon areas.

Just as in autumn, start up times change as the light changes. From may we have the midnight sun and the recommended tours are late evening, night and early morning.

Summer Moose calves are born in june and early july and are the main target these months. The bulls are starting to grow their antlers and late summer they are an amazing sight. Midnightsun means daylight 24/7 and our tours run at night.

We are open for tours during the day but the chances of a close-up encounter is less. By choosing longer tours you will get the chance to see more moose and in different kinds of landscapes and situations. We highly recommend a tour for 4 hours or more, especially in late summer for the chance to see the biggest bulls.

We in Vesterålen Tours spend a lot of time looking for the moose. We know many of them well and can read their body language very well.

Lastly, don't get fooled by the weather/forecast, the moose does not care about the weather.

Prices per person: 2 hours - 1200 NOK (only available at night during winter when it’s snow)
3 hours - 1500 NOK
4 hours - 1750 NOK
5 hours - 2100 NOK
6 hours - 2500 NOK
8 hours - 3250 NOK

- These tours are by car and we will only be walking in some cases if you want to. These tours are suitable for anyone. No hiking needed.
- All our tours are private, that means you/your group/family will be alone with the guide/guides.
- The guide will take pictures and send them to you after the tour is done.
- There are chances to see other animals and beautiful landscapes on these tours as well, just let us know when to stop and watch or take extra pictures.
- In the winter we got camera gear for photographing and filming the moose in the dark, even under the northern lights.

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Moose safari - Vesterålen Tours

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