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Saunas at Hurdalsjøen Hotel


Welcome to a sauna experience with us at Hurdalsjøen Hotell!

With us, saunas are part of the daily routine for our guests - whether you are attending a conference or a guest who just wants to enjoy themselves.

What is better than feeling that the body "lands" in a sauna. In our new spa, man finds a fragrance sauna that keeps 65 degrees and scents that vary between lavender, peppermint, citrus and other scents. Here you can lie down while enjoying the view of the hotel's herb garden and Hurdalsjøen.

We also have a classic Finnish sauna that holds 80 degrees and a small steam bath for two people.

The hotel also has two outdoor saunas on the shores of Lake Hurdal, an electric one with large windows and views of the water. This also has a roof terrace and a balcony outside. Directly from the balcony there is a staircase and a ramp out into Hurdalsjøen - if you want to cool off in the fresh water both summer and winter.

A little further on in the hotel area you will also find a wood-fired barrel sauna which has direct access to the sea.

Welcome to us!

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Saunas at Hurdalsjøen Hotel


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