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Sirkus Renaa Lagårdsveien


Sirkus Renaa Lagårdsveien is one of Norway's best patisseries and bakeries, offering artisan sourdough bread, pastries, tarts and macaroons and much more. In the evening, Sirkus Renaa is transformed into a pizzeria with Neapolitan sourdough pizza and authentic pasta dishes.

Sirkus Renaa Lagårdsveien is a meeting place - not only for the guests but also for various disciplines. On the circus-decorated, 900m² ground floor of Lagårdsveien 61, you will find Sirkus Renaa Lagårdsveien with its excellent patisserie, bakery, chocolate- and ice cream factory, pizzeria, café, restaurant and bar.

Real craftsmanship, great foodie experiences and top-of-the-shelf culinary artists

As well as focusing on quality, Sirkus Renaa Lagårdsveien prioritises sustainability and works mainly with local organic produce from local producers and businesses. Sirkus Renaa is an idea that sprang from Renaa Restaurants and an ever-evolving philosophy of taste, craftsmanship and natural ingredients. It came from a desire to create a venue to gather lovers of everything that is baked. Renaa and the team hope that with a priority on collaboration and joining forces across disciplines, friends, leading thinkers, chefs and farmers, they can challenge the industry by creating fantastic food and improving the livelihoods of all links within the food chain. Sirkus Renaa Lagårdsveien emphasises local, organic produce and supports those who fight for your future by giving you healthier and better raw materials and products with unique quality and taste. Sirkus Renaa also offers takeaway from their online store.

Award-winning chef

Sven Erik Renaa is an award-winning Norwegian top chef, who has been Chef of the Year twice, Head Chef of the Year, and longtime Manager of the Norwegian Culinary Team. Under his leadership, the team won the Olympic Games in Erfurt in 2008. Sven Erik Renaa has published several critically acclaimed cookbooks.

You will find parking facilities in the building next door, and a 15-minute pickup parking right outside the entrance.

Fuente: Region Stavanger


Sirkus Renaa Lagårdsveien


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