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The WonderInn Delta


Welcome to the iconic WonderInn Delta - the Mirrored Glass Cabin, only 25 minutes from Oslo!

WonderInn Delta is literally a hidden gem, and one of the most popular accommodations on the Airbnb platform.

Norway's first mirror cabin of 20 square meters forms a discreet, comfortable and unique setting where the Øyeren delta plays the main role.

The unique design blends into the landscape so you can step back and watch the life that flows by on the river and in the forest that surrounds the cabin.

The mirrored glass windows provide a spectacular 180-degree view of nature, while at the same time there is zero insight into what is inside. WonderInn has a kitchenette with everything you need, a shower and toilet, and a cozy patio with a grill and fire pit.

The private jacuzzi offers an incredible view of the delta and a cozy annex provides extra sleeping space for two people, in total there is room for 4.

Welcome !

Member of Visit Greater Oslo

Last updated: 10/20/2023

Source: Visit Greater Oslo

The WonderInn Delta


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