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Tobagganing from Loen skylift

Enjoy the free and fun Family- or Action Slope for a real adrenalin rush.

Experience Norway's longest toboggan/sled run - 8 km / 4,5 miles down from Mt. Hoven - with fantastic views of the fjord and mountains. At Mt. Hoven, you will also find a wide prepared toboggan run, with start and stop near Loen Skylift top station.
Norway's longest toboggan run "Norway's longest toboggan run" is a prepared road down from Mt. Hoven to Oppheim. Here you have fantastic fjord views for a full 8 kilometers/4,5 miles, spread over about 700 height meters. The trip down elicits broad smiles among both young and old.

Note that the road ends at Holme / Oppheim, 8 km/4,5 miles from the fjord station to Loen Skylift. There is parking at Holme (for a fee). Most people choose to park a car on Holme, arrange a "shuttle" with friends / family or order a taxi (Stryn Taxi +47 57 87 23 50, Olden Taxi +47 950 86 146). Those who rent a toboggan deliver the toboggan to the designated place where the toboggan run ends.

PLEASE NOTE: All traffic on the prepared road to Oppheim is at your own risk. Follow the avalanche forecast, show consideration, and adjust the speed. You can meet skiers or hikers along the way. A helmet must be used during sledding (included in toboggan rentals). Children shall always sled together with adults.

Rent a sled, sled mat, or butt sled board Sleds/toboggans, sled mats, and butt sled boards can be booked online or during the opening hours of the mountain shop by Loen Active. If the mountain shop is closed, you can contact the cable car driver, and he/she will assist you. Helmets must be worn during sledding, and are always included in the rent. For sledding to Oppheim, only sleds/toboggans and snow racers are recommended. Rented sleds and helmets can be returned to the designated place where the toboggan run ends. In the mountain shop, you can also rent winter clothes.

Pre- or After-sledding in the restaurant Enjoy the view from Hoven Restaurant & Bar with something to drink or eat in between the toboggan sessions. Here you will find the menu and a link to table reservations.

Which ticket should I buy? Loen Skylift has several ticket options, but if you want to sled down again, you can buy a one-way ticket or a day pass. With day passes, you can take as many trips as you want in one day (within opening hours). Family ticket one way is also an option, which applies to two adults and two children (6-15 years). More children can be added to the family ticket. Note that family
tickets are only available at the ticket office, Fjordshop.

What to wear Snow pants, winter jacket (coverall can be rented), snow boots (can be rented), a hat, helmet (included in sled rental), gloves or mittens, and goggles.

Season The season usually lasts from December to April. See for updated status for the trails.

Fuente: Nordfjord


Tobagganing from Loen skylift

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