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Troll cars to Briksdalsbre Glacier | Oldedalen Skyss

The trip starts beside the souvernirshop in Briksdal and takes you to the stand about 700 m away from the glacier. You will have a nice walk to the glacier, into the Jostedal Glacier nationalpark, before the troll car takes you back to starting point.

BUS TO BRIKSDALSBRE FJELLSTOVE FROM STRYN GLACIER BUS SERVICE In summer a bus service runs from Stryn Bus Terminal to Briksdal. The bus is parked beside Briksdalsbre Mountain Lodge (Fjellstove), while you walk up or take a troll car ride to the glacier. Daily departures in the period June 1 - August 31: From Stryn at 09:45 with arrival Briksdalen at 10:45. From Briksdalen at 13:30 with arrival Olden at 14:00. See www.kringom.no.

Last updated: 08/14/2023

Source: Nordfjord

Troll cars to Briksdalsbre Glacier | Oldedalen Skyss

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