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Hiking to Mannen (1291 masl)

Visit Norway's most featured man, the mountain named "Mannen" (the Man). This is a wonderful hike in a beutiful high-mountain terrain, on a well-marked path. 

Start the hike on top of Trollstigen, in the end of a mountain lake called Alnesvannet, about 800 metres above sea level. The ascent is gentle until the last part, where it's getting steeper as you approach the edge. On the last leg there are some rocky and steep parts leading you towards the final destination: Mannen. The characteristic goose-like rock standing on the edge can be easily seen from the valley bottom. The silhoutte seen from the valley floor looks like a man standing, that's how the mountain got its' name.

In Norway he is gotten quite famous because of the danger that he might fall down - therefore you will see a lot of equipment for measuring the movements of the mountain when you get on top. An interesting phenomenon can be observed in the small lakes just before you start on the steepest part of the ascent towards the edge. The water dissapears through small passages into the mountain, forming small whirlpools that can be observed on the surface.

This is not it: there is of course also a wonderful view towards Romsdalshorn, Trollveggen and the Romsdalen Valley with the green Rauma river!  

Some advice for the hike:

Good footwear - light hiking shoes are preferable. Please note that early in the season the path can be partly covered with snow. Then you would need gore tex shoes covering your ancle. Ask for advice if you are uncertain.

Enough to eat and drink (we recommend not to drink the water in the area, because of grazing sheep).

Respect that it is mandatory to keep the dog on a leash.

Bring some extra windproof clothing in case of changing weather.

Buy a map covering the area in the tourist information at the train station before departure, or in the book shop in town.

The startpoint for the hike is accessible with bus from Åndalsnes between June 23 - August 20. Take the bus in the morning from Åndalsnes to Trollstigen, and join the afternoon return bus from Trollstigen to Åndalsnes.

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Hiking to Mannen (1291 masl)

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