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Midsundtrappene - Rørsethornet - One of the worlds longest stone staircase


Rørsethornet staircase with 3292 steps is located on Otrøya in Midsund west of Molde. Rørsethornet are among the most beautiful hikes in the area.

Out in Midsund, the mountains rise from the sea. The long staircase climb to Rørsethornet will quicken your pulse, especially if you move fast or have a fear of heights. But once at the top, you're rewarded with a breathtaking 360-degree ocean view. Sunsets and sunrises from Rørsethornet are a must-see. Along the way, there are several resting spots and viewpoints, including Sherpanakken. From Rørsethornet, you can also continue to Ræstadhornet, with clear signage and ample parking provided.

Hiking description to Rørsethornet

Follow the well-marked path, stairs, and signs up the western ridge towards Rørsethornet (about 659 m above sea level). Stairs are built all the way. You'll transition from road to rocky paths and stairs. The stairs lead you through the forest and above the treeline, offering stunning ocean vistas. The stairs take you to a viewpoint before following a trail along the ridge. The final part involves a narrow ridge walk to the summit cairn. Return the same way, or continue along the narrow ridge to Ræstadhornet, adding about an hour (round trip).

For detailed descriptions, refer to the book "The Best Hikes in Midsund."

How long is the hike to Rørsethornet?

The hike to Rørsethornet is estimated to take about 3 hours without breaks, mostly on stairs. Dress appropriately for the weather and have sturdy footwear. The hike is suitable for regular hikers, well-marked, and doesn't require prior experience. Weather can change rapidly by the sea, so be prepared.

Driving directions and parking

Take the ferry from Mordalsvågen outside Molde to Solholmen on Otrøya. Drive 13 km along the north side of Otrøya. You'll see Ræstadhornet and Rørsethornet along the way. A spacious parking lot is available near Rørsethornet. From Sunnmøre, take the ferry from Brattvåg to Dryna, then drive along national road 668, stopping just after Rakvåg. Buses are also available from Molde.

If you prefer to travel by bus check out Bus to hike here

Learn about the Midsund stairs

The Midsund stairs consist of four hiking trails where parts of the trails are facilitated with stone steps by Sherpas from Nepal - the impressive work is worth a visit. In addition you get a fantastic view to the mountains, fjord and sea.

Rørsethornet (659 masl) - One of the longest continuous stone staircase with 3292 steps

Digergubben (527 masl) and Midsundhornet (483 masl)

Bløkallen (522 masl) - perhaps the nicest trip along the old Kløvstien

Aksla (110 masl) and and Akslahornet (411 masl) - the shortest trip to the viewpoint Aksla, challenging on to Akslahornet.

Last updated: 02/07/2024

Source: VisitNordvest

Midsundtrappene - Rørsethornet - One of the worlds longest stone staircase


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