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Trollstigen Café

Café at the top of Trollstigen with souvenir shop featuring local crafts, toilets, and parking. World-class architecture harmoniously integrated with nature.

At the summit of the winding turns ascending Isterdalen, you'll find Trollstigen Café. The service building includes a café, souvenir shops offering local crafts, toilets, and parking. Here, you can stroll along beautiful water mirrors, as well as bridges and paths to viewpoints.

The food philosophy is based on locally sourced food and drinks from regional suppliers and producers. Among the offerings are bjorlipølse (local sausage), seasonal goat cheese salad, traditional Norwegian sour cream porridge (rømmegrøt), and the troll burger. Trollstigen Café accommodates 160 seats.

Architect: Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter AS.

Fuente: VisitNordvest


Trollstigen Café

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