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Hardanger Basecamp


Nature is calling! Excting wildlife-related experiences and activities in Osa for families and groups awaits. Join a "back to nature"- experience with B-Nature and learn fire-making, nature-based cooking and more. Take your visit to the max by staying overnight in a Mongolian-style yurt and learn how to cook on a small bonfire.

Hardanger Basecamp bases itself on living in, by and with nature and offers a range of activities and workshops for you to learn the ins and outs of survival and nature. The experiences are offered to everyone; whether you are a wildlife enthusiast or hardly venture into the wild nature at all. In the program "Back to nature", you will learn essential survival skills in nature such as starting a fire and foraging for edible food. Conclude your stay at a traditional Mongolian yurt, where you will learn how to prep a small feast from the foraged treasures of the day.

The workshops are customizable, and will be adjusted to your group's interests, schedules and prior knowledge.

Last updated: 04/15/2022

Source: Destination Hardanger Fjord AS

Hardanger Basecamp


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