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Storli Camping and Aernie – accommodation and a Sámi experience

At Aernie, you can indulge in culinary and cultural experiences based on the history and traditions of the Southern Sami people. You can stay overnight in a luxury Sami hut or in a cabin, motorhome, caravan, or tent. Storli Camping and Aernie are located along the E6, a 20-minute drive north of Mo i Rana.

Aernie combines South Sami culture with traditional local cuisine. You can learn about Sami history, culture, and way of life together with your family or friends. Perhaps you would like to participate in preparing your own lunch over a campfire or spend the night in a luxury Sami hut?

Hearty dining at Aernie’s
At Aernie, you can purchase traditional Sami dishes, cakes, and traditional local cuisine like “rengakaka.” Everything is fresh and made from scratch. Don’t miss the popular dish Suovas with salad and freshly baked Sami bread.

The café is open Wednesday to Sunday from 17:00 to 22:00 starting from July 10th. Follow the company’s Facebook page for updated information.

The Sámi experience
Aernie means “hearth” and holds a central place in Sami culture. You can learn more about South Sami culture through storytelling and participating in cooking meals over a campfire.

Outdoor Lunch at Aernie
You can join in preparing your own lunch while learning about South Sami culture and history.

We make traditional Sami bread baked over a campfire. Bread plays a central role in the Sami meal and often served as a substitute for potatoes. Sami bread is different from the regular bread we know in Norwegian cuisine. During this lunch, you can choose from two options: served with butter and cheese or with fried, lightly smoked reindeer meat and accompaniments.

Great activity for the whole family, but also suitable for adults only.
There will be an opportunity to test your skills in lasso throwing.
Duration: 1 hour or more.
Must be booked one day in advance.

Stay in a Luxury Sami Hut
Have a night you won’t forget in two luxurious Sami “låavthgåetie/gammer” huts.

The huts are nestled in a secluded forest area by the Ranelva River. They are furnished with 2 or 3 beds, a sitting area, refrigerator, and kettle. Bed linen and towels are included. Breakfast can be arranged. Showers and toilets are available in the service building. Enjoy a cozy outdoor environment with a fireplace and chairs with reindeer hides.

Let tranquility settle in as you listen to the crackling of the fireplace, birdsong in the trees, and the sound of the river. A room for the night, an experience for a lifetime!

Storli Camping
The campground offers three cabins for accommodation. Each cabin has 2 beds, a refrigerator, and a kettle. Showers and toilets are available in the service building.

There are also powered spaces for caravans and RVs, as well as tent sites.

The service building has recently been renovated and features showers, toilets, and a kitchen.

The campground is open during the summer season from early June.

About the hosts
At Storli, you will meet the couple Toamma Bientie and Anne Berit Sætermo.

Toamma grew up in a South Sami reindeer herding family with a strong identity. His mother was an enthusiastic crafts person, and his grandfather was an excellent storyteller. This unique cultural heritage is carried by Toamma and conveyed through farm tourism at Storli.

Anne Berit brings with her the local farming culture that her family has preserved on the farm for 200 years. Her grandmother, in particular, has been a great source of inspiration and mentor for her interests in various traditions such as weaving and baking.

Both are trained educators and genuinely passionate about knowledge-based storytelling and cultural heritage.

Indulge in a culinary and cultural experience at Storli!

Last updated: 08/10/2023

Source: Helgeland Reiseliv as

Storli Camping and Aernie – accommodation and a Sámi experience

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