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Verdens Ende - “The World’s End”

Verdens Ende - the World's End - is a recreation area with a fantastic fjord view, rocks, fishing spots and skerries.

Verdens Ende (World's End) on the southern tip of Tjøme is probably best known for "Vippefyret" - the lighthouse, made by stones from the local beaches. The lighthouse is a replica built in 1932. The Færder National Park Center opened in June 2015. 

Færder National Park Verdens Ende is located in Færder National Park, which is one of the country's most important areas for coastal outdoor activities. The national park covers 340 square kilometers of mainland, islands, reefs and seabed in Færder municipality. It stretches from Ormøy in the north to Færder lighthouse in the south. The landscape in the national park is distinctive and rich in geological formations. There are several important nesting areas for seabirds in the national park, and the national park has a very diverse flora and fauna. Plants and insects live here that can hardly be found anywhere else. The area in the national park is popularly used for boat trips, paddling, water sports, hiking, fishing and swimming.

Færder National Park is easily accessible by boat, car and public transport. At World's End, you can drive a private car all the way to the border of the national park - this means that Færder National Park can be experienced by everyone.

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Verdens Ende - “The World’s End”

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